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            Past Events



2009-2015 Glenwood Fall Arts Festival

2018 Red Rocks Community College Honors Class

       (Creature Design Presentation PDF) Accredited

2017 Gilpin County Artist in Residency

       (Summer of wildlife art syllabus

2016 Art Students League of Denver

       Mythological Creature Summer Camp

2009-2017 Summer Art Market

2009-2018 Dragon Con Atlanta, GA

2005 Safari Club International, Reno Nv

2012 Frame Works Gallery, Bozeman, Mt

2012 Omma Gallery, Santa Barabra, Ca

2011-2013 RMCAD Water Tower Show 

2011-2015 Pastel Society Mile Hi International Invitational

2003 Art & Soul Framing and Gallery, Denver Co 2

2013, 2014 Mile Hi Con Denver, Co

2014-2020 Denver Comic Con Denver, Co

      (Fantastical Creature Class Descriptions) Accredited

2015 Cosign

2013, 2014 Mile High Con

2015-2019 Malcon

2015 Marcon

2015 Las Vegas Comic Con

2015-2020 Salt Lake City Comic Con & FanX 





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